Shadows of Madness

Bard's Journal - Page Three

Page Three: Mists of Madness

After venturing into the secret pass, we discovered a trove of treasure! Unfortunately, the room also had ten portals, each spawning a creature of undeath… We fought valiantly, yet our dwarven friend, Sir Brognan, fell in battle. Thankfully, the body was still intact, and after picking up the treasure (with a rather large ruby orb and a greatsword of fire) we departed to Punjar, in hopes that saving him isn’t too late.

Once the stalwart Sir Brognan awoke, having an early brush with death, we shopped around for a bit with the newly acquired funds and left for the ruins once more. The curse has not progressed, thankfully, and perhaps may even fade. Looking back on it now, I suppose it might have been wise to ask for the priest to take a look, but even so, I doubt they could help. The ruins is our only hope, I fear.

No attacks or muggings of the sort occurred until we returned to Sir Brognan’s former resting place. Sir Arathi and Lord Jonus once again dashed ahead into the cavern and got jumped. No real surprise there, until we discovered that their attackers were… well… themselves.

It only took a few seconds of careful study to realize they were mere copies of the original, yet Sir Crossbones was clearly confused. Understandable, really, until a copy of myself appeared down the way. Fearing I was one of these frauds, he attacked me! Rather than dispute this with the crazy brute, I fled, hoping that he would see the truth.

Well, the battle might have gone a bit smoother had we not been outnumbered, what with Sir Crossbones attacking anything in sight, not even paying heed to my advice. Even so, we managed to crush the phonies and press on. Perhaps I should find another adventuring group that doesn’t want to kill me…

One thing is for certain though: I really hate this curse. It’s brought nothing but trouble.



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